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Anonymous: Can you tell the difference between an inmate who is sincere about how he feels and one who is bs-ing? any obvious signs? I guess what Im asking is what's considered early for them to expose "feelings"? I'm on my third pen pal and 2 out of 3 have "feelings". The 3rd is just awesome. The one I can tell is full of shit, the other I'm not sure. So b4 I cut both off, any red flags you can suggest? I rather not waste time on bs. Anyone can be a player but it's harder to read a person thru mail. Ty 🌺




I have no idea. I don’t know the people you’re referring to, what is being said in letters or anything. Just trust your instincts.

I think family is a good indicator.. If they talk to you about their mum or siblings its good cos they put you on that level, and if they ask you to pass messages on to family and you are having conversations and making arrangements with them that’s when you know it’s 100%. If they don’t trust you with their personal people and personal stuff in general then they don’t like you. What do you think?

Michael gave me power of attorney over his bank accounts, signed over his vehicles to me in case we needed to sell them, and I communicate with his family often. He also NEVER asks me for money. Michael makes it last and doesn’t blow it. All he asks for is love letters, visits, and phone calls.

Not to be rude but maybe they should be looking at you. Do you tell them that you are writing to others and that these men have romantic feeling for you? Are they allowed to write other women? Just because these men are in prison does not mean it’s okay to write a bunch until you find one you like and toss the rest. #justsayin

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Discussing the post-visit blues with my Hubby.

Anonymous: You have a really nice voice ❤️

Haha! I think I’m super annoying! ♡